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Gentex Auto-Dimming Mirror with HomeLink® 313 vs. 453 Series Comparison Page




There are 2 main styles of Gentex Auto-Dimming Mirrors with HomeLink® currently available that can be used in most vehicles, the older style GNTX-313 series mirrors and the newer technology GNTX-453 series mirrors.  Both the 313 and 453 series mirrors have the series number stamped in the back of the mirror for identification. This page, which is in no way "official", just my observations, gives a comparison between these two styles of Gentex Auto-Dimming Mirrors with HomeLink® and identifies some of the improvements to the 453 series mirrors.  Both series include several mirrors with different combinations of features. All 313 and 453 series mirrors are Auto-Dimming Mirrors with HomeLink. Additional features for both series are a compass display or a compass / outside temperature display. In the OEM versions of these mirrors, there are also different colors for the compass and compass / temperature displays.

The first series of Gentex Auto-Dimming Mirrors with HomeLink® is the GNTX-313 Series. This mirror series was used mainly in 2003 through 2005 model year vehicles. The 313 series mirrors are no longer produced by Gentex but are still sold on the aftermarket as model numbers: 50-GENK40, 50-GENK41, 50-GENK45, and 50-GENK50.

There are OEM and Aftermarket versions of Gentex Auto-Dimming Mirrors with HomeLink®. The main difference between the OEM and Aftermarket versions is the channel they are purchased through. OEM mirrors are produced for a specific vehicle brand and are sometimes produced with features specific for that vehicle brand. For example, Nissan/Infiniti OEM Gentex Auto-Dimming Mirrors with HomeLink use an Amber compass display in some of their vehicles. Aftermarket Mirrors can only be purchased with a Blue compass display.

The OEM and Aftermarket mirrors are essentially the same. They look the same, use the same electronics and are all produced by Gentex. OEM mirrors are sometimes stamped with the OEM vehicle brand part number on the back of the mirror. Aftermarket mirrors are usually stamped with the aftermarket Part Number on the back of the mirror; 50-GENK40 for example.

There is another series of mirrors closely related to the 313 series mirrors; the 341 series. GNTX-341 mirrors use the same technology as the 313 series mirrors but adds map lights or 'mood' lights to the mirror. The 341 series of mirrors consists of the 50-GENK42 and 50-GENK60. These are also no longer produced by Gentex. There are also some other OEM proprietary series of Gentex Auto-Dimming Mirrors with HomeLink® that will not be mentioned here.

For the 2006 Model vehicles Gentex began producing the next generation of Auto-Dimming Mirrors with HomeLink®, the GNTX-453 series. This newer series of HomeLink mirrors uses newer technology and has many improvements over the older 313 / 341 series mirrors. Some of these improvements are illustrated in the comparison below.

The 453 series mirrors are direct replacements for the 313 series mirrors and in most cases are plug compatible, meaning you can upgrade your older 313 series mirror with a newer 453 series mirror without having to make changes to the wiring in your vehicle.


You can identify the Gentex mirror series by a stamp on the back of the mirror housing.


Some of the advantages the GNTX-453 series mirrors have over the GNTX-313 series mirrors are listed here:


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Gentex 313 / 341 Series Mirror

Older Technology


OEM for 2003 - 2005 model year vehicles

Aftermarket for all vehicles


These older style mirrors are still sold through aftermarket retailers using the following model numbers:



50-GENK40, 50-GENK41, 50-GENK42, 50-GENK45, 50-GENK50, 50-GENK60


Gentex 453 Series Mirror

New Technology

OEM for 2006 and newer vehicles


Recently this series of mirrors have started appearing at some aftermarket retailers using the following model numbers:


50-GENK40A, 50-GENK41A, 50-GENK45A,

50-GENK50A, 50-GENK51A

These pictures show the appearance difference between the GNTX-313 (left) and newer GNTX-453  (right) series mirrors. The newer mirror has a sleeker shape, larger diffused power indicator and smaller buttons. The 453 series mirrors also have a more uniform look because the front photo sensor and power indicator match in appearance.

The connector for the wire harness on the back of the 453 mirror has been moved to the center of the mirror housing just below the mounting arm allowing the wire harness to be better hidden.

The newer housing design of the 453 series mirrors is also sturdier than the older 313 series housing.


313 series - Auto-Dimming Compass with HomeLink




453 series - Auto-Dimming Compass with HomeLink




Here you can see the difference in the photo sensors that detect ambient light and the presence of headlights from behind. The older 313 series mirrors have open holes in the mirror housing that allow light to reach the sensors. This also lets dust and cleaner into the mirror housing. The newer 453 series mirrors have clear diffusers over the photo sensors that seal the mirror housing. 


313/341 series - open holes in housing expose light sensors


453 series - diffuser sealed light sensors


The LED power indicator for the auto-dimming feature on the 453 series mirrors is larger and easier to see. It uses the same clear plastic diffuser as the front photo sensor which makes it more visible and gives a uniform appearance to the mirror face.


313/341 series - LED Power indicator

453 series - Larger, LED power indicator

These pictures show the difference in the mounting arms between the 313 and 453 series mirrors.

The picture on the left shows the 313 mounting arm with the compass sensor attached and shows the 453 arm. The compass sensor on the 453 series mirrors is no longer mounted externally on the arm. It has been moved from the mounting arm base to a concealed location inside the mirror housing.

The picture on the right shows the 313 and 453 series mounting arms side by side so you can see the additional mass of the 453 mounting arm. Notice the thickness difference circled.


313/341 series (left) with compass sensor

 and 453 series (right)




313 (left) and 453 (right) series mounting arms.

Notice the whole 453 mounting arm is

thicker and the base (circled) is much stronger


Another improvement to the 453 series mirrors is in the buttons. The older 313 series buttons are molded from white plastic and painted black. The symbols on the button faces are made by a stencil, exposing the white plastic underneath the black paint.

The 453 series buttons are molded from black plastic and have the symbols painted in white on the button face.

313/341 series - white plastic buttons painted black

453 series - black plastic molded buttons

The electronic contact points behind the buttons have also been improved in the 453 series mirrors. The 313 series mirrors use a single contact point while the 453 series mirrors have dual contact points on each button.  This provides a more solid feel when you press a button and insures that the button functions accurately.  


313/341 series - single contact points

453 series - dual contact points

These pictures show the difference in the location and type of compass sensor for the 313 and 453 series mirrors.


On the 313 series mirrors the compass sensor is mounted externally on the mirror mounting arm base and has wires running back to the mirror circuit board.

The 453 series mirrors use a new Gentex proprietary 3 axis digital Z-Nav compass transducer. This sensor is  integrated onto the mirror circuit board inside the mirror housing eliminating the bulky addition to the mirrors mounting base. This new compass sensor is also more accurate and provides faster calibration than the older compass technology.


313/341 series- external 2 axis compass sensor


453 series - internal 3 axis compass sensor