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Wedge Mounts, Cam-Lock Mounts and the Cam-Lock Adapter


Here is a little information to help with the two main types of mirror mounts. The Wedge and Cam-Lock mounts.


Gentex mirrors mount on the standard Wedge windshield mount found on most GM, Chrysler and Ford vehicles.

As a general rule, vehicles built in the US use the Wedge style mirror mount. Vehicles built outside the US use either the Cam-Lock style mirror mount or a proprietary, brand specific, mount. Most Japanese built vehicles use the Cam-Lock mount. Most vehicles built in Italy and Germany use a proprietary mount. For vehicles that use the Cam-Lock style mount, a special Cam-Lock adapter is available to allow mounting of a Gentex mirror. Mounting a Gentex mirror in German and Italian vehicles is usually not recommended because it requires the removal of the proprietary windshield mirror mount.



Wedge mount mirrors are generally standard on vehicles manufactured in the United States, regardless of vehicle make. However, there can be exceptions. Wedge-style mirrors must be removed by loosening a small screw or clip, and pushing the mirror up towards the roof of the vehicle. If your vehicle's mounting system looks similar to the photo to the right, you have a wedge-mount mirror.


Some examples of Wedge Mount mirror bases:


Cam-Lock mount mirrors are generally standard on vehicles manufactured outside of the United States, including some U.S. brands. Cam-Lock style mirrors must be removed by turning the mirror 90o so that it is perpendicular to the dash, and pulling down on the mirror. If your vehicle's mounting system looks similar to the photo to the right, you have a Cam-Lock mount mirror.

Some examples of Cam Lock Mount mirror bases:






The Cam-Lock Adapter pictured to the left is available to mount a Gentex mirror into a Cam-Lock equipped vehicle. The pictures also show what the mirror looks like attached to the adapter.


Cam-Lock Installation Illustration

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Other Mount Systems and Roof Mounted Mirrors

If your current mirror is mounted to the roof/ceiling of your vehicle or if the windshield mount is not the Wedge or Cam-Lock style you can request a free Wedge windshield mount button kit with the purchase of a mirror. This free Wedge mount kit includes a wedge mount and glue so you can mount your new Gentex  mirror to the windshield of your vehicle.

Some of the vehicles that fit into this catagory are: Acura, Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Saab, Volvo & VW.

Note: If you need to remove the current mirror mount from your windshield, it is recommended that you have it removed by a windshield professional because the risk of damage to your windshield is very high when removing the existing mirror mount.